When I Got Broken English

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I know English and have learned it since 2018, I always realize that my English gets stuck and broken. What am I writing, I rely on Grammarly and Google Translate. Well, I know both applications are helpful but at other times doesn’t help, though.

My first language is Indonesian then my second is sign language, but I declared myself as a native sign language because I am Deaf. Knowing Indonesian growing up makes me feel like having stuck my English proficiency. When I write in English, I always think about what I want to say in Indonesian. So, my English writing is as what I want to say in Indonesian and kind of the same rules with Indonesian meanwhile I want to write in English. That’s why Surya always reminds me that I have to avoid my Indonesian habits when I am going to write them in English. Doesn’t it funny?

I love reading the news, article, and book which is written in English, and feel a huge difference between me and a native speaker. A native speaker who is English growing up and so it’s been challenging for me but it would be worth it. I also ever texted with an Indonesian overseas who has been living in a foreign country for over the five years, of course, the years living abroad and their English is so good!

Yeah, I know English well at reading and writing, but it doesn’t mean that I’m really good at English as a native speaker has over I’m an Indonesian and I never studied English at both schools, which were a special needs school and a mainstream school despite a mainstream also had English class however I didn’t. I started learning English in 2018 as my freshman at college. I didn’t learn English at the official English course and I paid a private teacher who was a master’s student at UGM (a university in Jogja) and she lived in a foreign country, Thus, she had experienced and taught me until the pandemics coming. During the quarantine, I learned English myself and also attended the Deaf English virtual class with 20 meetings with Surya and Laura our Deaf teachers who ever lived in a foreign country (Laura lived in Hong Kong and Surya lives in New York, United States). We also met Deaf Indonesian living abroad in different countries such as Canada, the United States, Australia, and Europe. And now, I still learn English as part of my study abroad preparation.

I am lucky to have the privilege of joining a community that has foreign people living in Jogja and they help me to improve my conversation of course I got so many new words and sentences that I have never learned before. Like “I will not able to help you.”, “either and neither”, had been and have been”, etc. They are such my motivation and gain new experiences.

Then, what do I feel about my broken English? Yes, I do and I’m not perfect despite I would want to encourage my English proficiency like what a native speaker speaks. That’s my goal now because I have a dream of having a published book and also want to open an English program for Deaf people. But, I still want to learn Spanish as my fifth language because I love Spain, and Mexico, and I am a huge fan of FC Barcelona — the best men’s soccer club in the world played in Barcelona, Spain — I’m Cules. I started learning Spanish in 2010 when Spain won the soccer world champions and until now still learning, although I only know a little Spanish. So, I hope I would handle learning two languages at the same time as I can as possible.

Thanks, everyone!



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Raka Nurmujahid

Raka Nurmujahid

Hi everyone! I’m Raka who is a Deaf person who uses sign language and lives in Indonesia. I love anything about sports, culture, language, and movies. Thank you